I'm happy you're here! You can call me Linds.  A full time Jesus lover and photographer. I am a hopeful wanderer. I take joy in the spontaneity of getting lost-- to pause in the pursuit. To capture the joys of this world and to color it with compassion. Silliness and sincerity, I always take with me. I am an advocate for messy hair and if it was acceptable, I would go everywhere barefoot. 

Lover of all moments candid, I aim to capture life in its truest form. I chase natural light. I am inspired by The Creator and the world He has made. To leave each place different than it was before, leaving evidence of His love. I long for travel. I am rooted in San Diego, but I have wings and I'm not afraid to fly. So if you're not in California, inquire me, I'd be delighted.  
You're probably great, and I'd love to hear from you!

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