Hi, I’m Lindsey but all my friends call me Linds. When I’m not photographing, you can find me running the beach or driving with my sunroof open. I have been photographing weddings for the past 4 years and take joy in what I have the honor of being a part of. It has brought many of my clients to become friends and has opened my horizons to family, newborn, maternity and whatever life events are photograph worthy. I have a big heart for missions and have spent the last 3 summers in Haiti. This has been a good practice of a more documentary style of shooting; waiting for things to happen and being ready to capture them. 

Lover of all moments candid, I aim to capture life in its truest form. I chase natural light. I am inspired by The Creator and the world He has made. To leave each place different than it was before, leaving evidence of His love. I long for travel. I am rooted in San Diego, but I have wings and I'm not afraid to fly. So if you're not in California, inquire me, I'd be delighted!

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