Justin & Amanda Engaged | Pheonix AZ

Just weeks ago I took a trip out to Arizona to celebrate with Amanda her engagement to Justin. As we sat beneath the desert moon around a crackling bonfire Justin told a circle of friends and family this story. Faces lit by firelight we all listened to Justin describe the moments that led to asking Amanda for her hand in his forever. Amanda shared her side as well. It was so fun to hear in words the emotion and excitement of how it all happened. Like watching a movie for the first time but knowing the ending is going to be happy, we all leaned in, questions aside. Sparks flew and our eyes traced them. Inspiration flooded us all, as we learned yet another way of what it means to truly love another.
Justin, and Amanda you are so loved. Can't wait for your wedding! 

For now, here's an Arizona sunrise and two beautiful souls amongst it's brilliant light.